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Kenya ranked second in Africa as investment hub for global firms

 Kenya is the second most preferred destination in Africa for multinational corporations seeking to set up shop, according to a US data vendor that tracks emerging markets. Frontier Strategy Group ranked Kenya second with a score of 23.17 per cent after Nigeria which was top on the continent and globally with a score of 29.57 per cent. Globally, Kenya was fifth behind Saudi Arabia (24.69 per cent), Vietnam (24.72 per cent) and Argentina.... Read more »

Posted on : Wednesday , 24th December 2014

German company to open manufacturing unit in Africa

 The facility would include a production line and quality test centre for SMA’s Sunny Central inverters, warehousing, as well as the African branch of the SMA Solar Academy training centre. Thorsten Ronge, the managing director of SMA South Africa, said the group chose to set up its manufacturing base in Cape Town as it was close to the existing solar supply chain. The Cape Town facility is the third clean energy manufacturing unit.... Read more »

Posted on : Wednesday , 24th December 2014

Key Growth Opportunities in the Industrial Market in East Africa

 The East African adhesives industries face challenges due to fluctuations in raw materials pricing, availability, and the influx of cheap and counterfeit products. However, creating brand and product awareness presents growth opportunities. This study addresses the key drivers, restraints, and the competitive factors that will influence the market during 2014-2018.  The study also briefly touches upon the role that technology plays.... Read more »

Posted on : Wednesday , 24th December 2014

Manufacturing market expands opportunities

 South Africa-based wood-preservative chemicals supplier Dolphin Bay Chemicals implemented its first pilot wood treatment of wood ammonium copper quaternary (ACQ)    ACQ was developed in the US and is being manufactured locally by Dolphin Bay Chemicals under its Permacure brand.   As the only ACQ manufacturer in Africa, Dolphin Bay Chemicals is also one of only two companies on the continent that manufacture chromated.... Read more »

Posted on : Monday , 22nd December 2014

ManufacturesLine Up New Investments in East Africa

 Savannah Cement, one of the country's newest market entrants, is set to build two new plants as it nears exhaustion of its current capacity, managing director Ronald Ndegwa said. He said the cement maker will invest between $250 million (Sh22.31 billion) and $350 billion (Sh31.23 billion) for a clinker plant and a second mill to support its existing operations.   "We see ourselves running out of headroom in two to three years.... Read more »

Posted on : Monday , 22nd December 2014

Indian trade mission aimed to generate millions in new business with Africa

 The Federation of Gujarat Industries (FGI) hopes that its recent nine-day trade mission to South Africa will, on its own, generate at least $10-million in bilateral trade. So stated FGI senior VP and mission head Janak Seth at a trade briefing in Sandton (north Johannesburg) during the visit. Gujarat is a coastal state in north-west India.   While 5% of India’s population live in the state, it is responsible for 17% of the.... Read more »

Posted on : Monday , 22nd December 2014

PSC Commences N5 Billion Manufacturing Plant

 As the price of crude oil plummets globally, Nigeria is in for a hard time because most of her revenues come from crude oil sale. Unfortunately, not only is the price decreasing but also sales as many of Nigeria's customers have now either discovered crude oil in their country or are more dependent on renewable energy. Nigeria, blessed with abundant sunlight and wind, has no excuse not to make the most of these resources to generate.... Read more »

Posted on : Saturday , 20th December 2014

Calls to Strengthen Investments and Trading Between African & Arab Countries

 Minister of Fishing and Fishery Resources Sid Ahmed Ferroukhi called Monday in Algiers to strengthen the inter-Arab cooperation in the field of fishing and aquaculture as well as to develop trading and investments. Speaking on the occasion of the 5th Arab Congress on Investment and Exploitation of Fishery Resources and Food Security, the minister urged the Arab countries to concentrate their development policies on the rational.... Read more »

Posted on : Saturday , 20th December 2014

Africa: Over 400 Investment Projects to be Initiated

 Angolan minister of Economy, Abahão Gourgel, Thursday in Luanda mentioned 403 investment projects of various sizes and various complexity in the Great Lakes region as having been identified in seven business sectors. Speaking at the Regional Consultation Conference on Private Investment Opportunities in Great Lakes Region, the minister said that the process follows the criteria that include the participation of at least two.... Read more »

Posted on : Saturday , 20th December 2014

African steel wire manufacturing incorperates European and American manufacturing standards

 Stainless steel metal and inert gas (MIG) welding wire, locally produced by stainless steel bar and wire producer Wire Products Stainless Steel (WPSS) since 2010, was tested by the Italian Welding Institute, in Genova, in the past two months and found to be similar to products of European quality and standard, WPSS director Clinton Lautenberg tells Engineering News.   “The results from the Italian Welding Institute . . ..... Read more »

Posted on : Friday , 19th December 2014

Chinese Investment for Kenyan Country

 A Kenyan county on Monday called on Chinese investors to exploit opportunities that exist in infrastructure, agro-processing and tourism. Officer in Charge of Intergovernmental Coordinator at the Laikipia County Lantano Nabaala told a team of Chinese journalists that investors should tap the full gains of the county's natural resources. "Laikipia is rated as the fifth county in Kenya to invest in, and one of the best places to visit.... Read more »

Posted on : Friday , 19th December 2014

Africa: More Investors Commit to Boosting Exports

 Eight more companies have signed agreements with government committing to increase production and scale up exports. The companies are in the mining and manufacturing sectors and include Rwanda Plastic Industries, Rwanda Allied Partners, Minimex, Demikaru Ltd, East African Granite Industries and Development Mining Company Ltd. Under the agreements, companies committed to expanding the scope and mode of production along the value chain so.... Read more »

Posted on : Friday , 19th December 2014

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