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Expogroup Wins Big at the Tanzania Leadership Awards 2016

Posted on : Friday , 3rd February 2017

  On the evening of Friday 27th January 2017, members of the business community in Tanzania gathered at the Hyatt Regency Hotel to celebrate the most accomplished businesses of 2016. The event was the Tanzania Leadership Awards (TLA), which honors successful businesses that range from conglomerates with more than 500 employees, to small start-ups with a staff count of 2 to 4 employees.

Expogroup, a pioneer in the trade show industry in East Africa for the last 20 years, won the prestigious ‘Event of the Year’ award for their annual mega building and construction trade exhibition BUILDEXPO Tanzania. 
When asked what makes a business successful, Max Lewis, Director of Sales for Expogroup credited relevance to the market as the key.   
“While you may say that profit is what determines a business's success, there is something else that matters even more - relevance to the target audience. You see, all the businesses that won a TLA have something in common; they offer a unique solution to a problem.”
“ For instance, Expogroup Tanzania, won the ‘Event of the year award’. This was informed by the fact that we organize high quality International Trade Events providing East Africa with a platform that enables people to network, buy and sell goods and services, and offers businesses visibility to a wide-range of business categories.”

Source : expogr.com
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